VOLTcyclothing is a young brand based in the industrial boiling point of the Ruhrarea in Germany following the intention to merge a diversity of urban-subcultural-interests into our own perception of how cyclothing should look like.
The intention is to try to keep the amount of stuff strictly limited – which means that there’s only a short amount of pieces of each design available.
This is part of the philosophy to make sure that the stuff provided to you isn’t an item that can be bought by “anybody” a few weeks after you bought it.
Diffenrent interests and backgrounds from the hardcorepunk scene, skateboarding, playing football on the streets as a kid, riding trackbikes, dirtjump or Moutainbikes as well, are melted together to form something new – just like the old steel cookers of my hometown.
As the Founder is also known as an all-weather riding member of the STARRGANG Crew from Bochum you can be pretty sure, that this products are proved and developed by those who know how a proper riding item should be.